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New Construction

contractorThere are several points that you would have to look at when building your house. If you are building your house right now, then this write-up will be of help to you. It will be able to give you useful details on exactly how to avoid and prevent issues while getting your house built.

If you choose to look at pre-existing homes then this information will also be useful.

Here’s some useful information on how to prevent and circumvent problems while getting your house built.

While paint colors can be easily changed, your flooring is far more permanent. It pays to research your flooring options in detail prior to installation. How will it wear with time? Is it easy or hard on your legs and ankles? How is it to keep clean and polished?

One of the most common problems and mistakes people make is to keep corridors so narrow that when trying to move and position furniture it winds up scuffing the walls. You must understand that the ideal size for all corridors is a minimum of 56 inches so that there is enough space for furniture transport and positioning.

If you live in a climate with heavy freeze-thaw cycle you need to make sure that your concrete or asphalt is properly designed to handle the environment. If not severe spalling or cracking can quickly develop. This will require costly repairs.

If possible, you are better off laying your electrical, cable, internet, phone and any other cables in orderly paths throughout your home. Remember to take photos of everything prior to the drywall being added so that you know exactly where everything is located. That way, 10 years down the road you will be able to easily locate and access anything you might need.

Make sure that your entire home is wrapped in a water/draft prevention material. This will not only protect your home but lower heating and cooling bills.

Great, high quality circuit breakers will guarantee that there is safety from electrical shock. Use GFIs near any water source such as sinks, tubs and showers.

By following the tips above you will be able to avoid some of the most common home owner problems.